Unicka deals with realization of different types of products, using innovative and customized technologies

The products placed on the market are the final result of an array of activities. Each product is distinguished by its own industrialisation process and by its own production cycle, in order to obtain the shapes, technical specifications and look requested by the customer.

Today, Unicka is specialised in the production of components having complex geometries, even very thick pieces, produced by forming or laser cutting and bending, complete with welding, machining, assembly and surface treatments.

We use all kinds of materials, including wear-resistant or stainless steels, with thicknesses ranging from 0.3 to 15 mm from coils and up to 25 mm using blanks or straps.

The production process within Unicka can be described as a pathway whose destination is the manufacture of products that have precise characteristics and that are applied in various industrial sectors.