Skill, technology and reliability

Unicka has years of experience in the cold deformation and working of sheet metal, offering services like forming, welding, assembly, machining, metalworking, surface treatments, die manufacturing, equipment and prototypes.

Each article produced by Unicka is distinguished by quality and design, offering the added value of services that Unicka can guarantee during the design, product development, testing, industrialisation and production stages.

The path that led to the founding of Unicka began in 1970 with the establishment of Miniferro, a service centre specialised in forming sheet metal.

Other important milestones followed until 1 July 2012, when Miniferro officially became Unicka, with the objective of establishing itself as a point of reference for the sector, even more than before.

The one thing that has remained constant throughout the history of Unicka is the reliability of its products, its services and the professionalism of its internal staff.

Our values

The only goal: to satisfy the customer!
Unicka develops projects in synergy with the customer.

The technical department listens to the customer needs and defines the path and the industrial process that will lead to the creation of the finished product, combining skills and technology.
To offer specific solutions to every different need, the company has shown itself to be versatile and flexible, aware that each project represents a new opportunity to be dealt with making all its know-how and acquired skills available to the customer.


When choices mark events.


When the best companies rely on expertise.


When the certification attests excellence.