Expertise, technology and reliability

Unicka is a leading company in the cold sheet metal working sector. Our success is based on our teaming of a sound and first-rate growth strategy with technical skills of the highest order, all underpinned by strong moral values. This combination of elements fuels our ambition, motivating us to maintain high standards of work with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the national and international market.

At its heart, our business is about bringing complete and technologically-advanced solutions to market from design, product development, testing, right through to manufacturing.


Our history

Our journey in the sheet metal industry sector began in 1970, with the establishment of Miniferro, a service centre specialising in sheet metal moulding. Over time, Miniferro underwent numerous changes, adapting to a dynamic and constantly changing market. The business achieved many important milestones, and these ultimately led to the founding of Unicka in July 2012.

Today, Unicka comprises a team of skilled professionals who specialise in the full range of disciplines of sheet metal processing management. We work with passion and commitment to offer complete solutions from design right through to product manufacturing.

Our vision

To grow on a national and international scale to bring our excellence to the world, to become a leading business in the sheet metal industry sector and synonymous with cutting-edge manufacturing and progress.

Our mission

To contribute to first-rate project management, from the initial design idea right through to the realisation of complex and major components for many industrial sectors, participating in a successful process of industrial development that translates into prosperity for our clients, our partners and our collaborators.

Our values



We work with commitment and sacrifice to nurture our continuous professional and personal growth.



We employ all the energy, qualities and expertise necessary to fuel our aspiration for the work we do.



Our capacity to bring our expertise to bear in a range of different fields enables us to offer customised solutions.



As an essential principle for our working relationships, we always place the utmost importance on transparency and respect for others.