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Our Carpentry department is growing

When dealing with precision machining for the creation of complex sheet metal components, and therefore the industrial Carpentry sector, a whole new world opens up. Anyone working in this market is well-aware of this.

A world that requires solid skills, adequate equipment, organisation and responsiveness.

Translated into concrete terms, establishing a Carpentry department capable of implementing all phases of the production process with the highest precision and quality standards means focusing on technology, innovation and long-term training.

A project in line with Unicka’s vision, and its ability to interpret market demand by offering complete solutions in the processing of sheet metal components to rise to new competitive challenges.

This path, which is ongoing, has led Unicka to the development of a large Carpentry department solidly equipped with latest generation robotic systems for the creation of complex details in sheet metal and other metals through precision machining ranging from laser cutting, welding (and spot welding), bending, and mechanical processing.

The wide range of machinery and work centres that make up the Carpentry department allow us not only to fulfil construction requirements with precision, but also to manage batches of all sizes with maximum flexibility, thus ensuring the highest quality standards and absolute reliability in terms of delivery times.

These assurances cannot ignore the experience and competence of the Unicka Carpentry staff, which is constantly trained and updated, and the Certifications that require a rigorous system of production verification and control in the dedicated Quality area.

To learn more about the technical requirements of Carpentry work, click here to go to the dedicated page.